10 Reasons You Should Outsource Your HR Department

For businesses with less than 100 employees, it’s often more cost-effective to outsource your HR services, rather than keep them in-house. Are you thinking about working with an HR consultant in your business? What’s the relationship really going to look like?  What are the real benefits?  Below we’ve revealed 10 reasons you should outsource your HR requirements to Kiss HR :

  1. Expert Skills & Knowledge

    We ensure our knowledge is topped up when it comes to the ever-changing employment regulations, guidelines and best practices which results in us being able to give you appropriate advice, guidance and support when dealing with complex and difficult situations.

  2. Up to Date HR Procedures

    Be honest, do you really enjoy reading up on the latest changes whilst trying to deal with the day to day operation of your business? Our policies, procedures, letter templates, documents etc always reflect current employment legislation, helping you keep organised and up to date.

  3. Saves You Money

    Outsourcing HR can significantly reduce your costs and some businesses don’t really have the need for an HR department; so to save costs, savvy business owners have discovered outsourcing is a perfect solution and above all you only pay us when you use our services.

  4. Saves You Time 

    With the absence of HR staff you’ll probably be tying yourself up in knots trying to handle the latest HR issue as well as spending time on a non-revenue generating activity; we’ll almost certainly have what you’re looking for in a flash.

  5. Employee Development & Engagement 

    We’ll help you manage employee performance and development with effective processes.

  6. Reduces Internal Risk Factors 

    Perhaps you don’t have anyone in the company with the necessary experience and capabilities to provide the required HR advice; muddling through on your own comes at high risk. Having us on hand will save you a lot of hassle by nipping problems in the bud.

  7. Impartial Advice

    It can be difficult to address sensitive issues with your own staff.  We offer detached and expert advice and ensure matters are dealt with appropriately and professionally.

  8. Speedier Solutions

    Particularly in smaller businesses, HR is often handled by the FD or Office Manager alongside their current roles; we will focus solely on your HR issues and therefore provide efficient and effective HR solutions.

  9. Regaining Your Primary Focus

    It can be distracting dealing with day to day HR matters and dilutes your primary focus; outsourcing some or all of this function to an external HR consultant will help give you this focus back.

  10. Flexibility 

    We provide an entire employee life cycle range of services and we’ll provide you with a bespoke service.  You can use us a little or a lot and anything in between.

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